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Boost Sprint Deals for Existing Customers

Sprint deals for existing customers might offer people with the communication support they need but we can make sure that sometimes they need to improve it by using the signal booster. Many people love the deals offered by the Sprint for their communication technology but if they think that they need to boost the signal, there are some signal boosters which can be considered based on the use.

For Commercial Buildings

The commercial buildings surely need the signal booster which has a different specification from the booster for cars and homes. There is a specific difference which can be found from the commercial buildings including more coverage need and user numbers. If people are looking for the best booster for the commercial buildings with the deals from Sprint, they should consider WilsonPro 70 Plus for Sprint. There are several functions which will be boosted by this tool including the text messages, voice message, 3G data, 4G data, and LTE data. The decibel gain of this unit is up to +70dB. This is the booster which is chosen by many enterprises and installers.

For Car

Besides for the commercial buildings, people can also look for the Wi-Fi booster for the car. In this circumstance, they need to consider the booster of sprint deals for existing customers who are specialized for the car and there are some options available. There is weBoost Drive 4G-M which is specialized for Sprint. This unit must be one of the most popular options of car signal booster which are used widely by people in North America. This tool will give the best use for several types of the vehicle especially SUV, truck, and sedan. There is another option which can be chosen, weBoost Drive 4G-X which can reach to the cell tower more than the typical booster for the car. This is a perfect choice for the drivers who have to drive in very rural areas or poor signaled areas. This booster can support up to 4 devices. People can also consider the budget car booster option, weBoost Drive Sleek which has a great price as well as performance for a single user.

For Home

There is no question that people have to find the best signal booster for home use. They will not make any mistake by choosing weBoost Connect 4G which is specialized for Sprint. In fact, this product is the most recommended choice for boosting the signal for home use. There must be a good reason for this label. In fact, the signal booster is dependable and it is able to cover most homes with great services. This tool is able to cover 5,000 square feet area which is considered larger for the most home size in North America. Nevertheless, it will not be great for supporting the most homes ut also farmhouses, small offices, and even buildings with the compatible measurement. If people want to use the most powerful signal booster which people can choose is the weBoost Connect 4G-X for upgraded signal booster sprint deals for existing customers.


The Definitive Strategy for Wifi Booster

Get the Scoop on Wifi Booster Before You’re Too Late

You have to balance the worth of the device and the signal to make certain you may use the Internet . So you know what things to do to be able to improve Wifi signal. For some folks, you simply can’t get a signal into a specific area of the home. You don’t have the signal in any way times, and you need to manufacture a signal that is far better for entertainment or your work. The means to really amplify signal is to receive a cell signal booster system. Then odds are the WiFi Booster wouldn’t really be the product if you get a signal in lots of your home.

wifi booster

Here’s What I Know About Wifi Booster

The booster doesn’t warm up at all, and it’s not something you handle. You must select the booster that has the best reviews. You may use the booster that fits with your computer, and you need to choose something which will be simple to configure with your device. When you feel your general signal is not too great a router booster may be used by you. You should buy a router booster to make sure your signal doesn’t lag during the day. A wifi booster may assist the signal jump to a different part of the home or office, or it might boost the signal. In the future, a mobile phone wifi booster is about empowerment and convenience.

Your booster should have reviews from those who use them daily, and you will see that every one of them has a score that is different. Locate a booster that you want to purchase more than once. The wifi booster does not offer you a magical double in speed. Wifi boosters in your home sit from the way, and they look like they might be a nightlight. Lasts for a very long time because it doesn’t utilize much power. Mobile signal booster is meant for use in buildings. A Mobile signal booster can be used for boosting weak mobile phone signals that were such.

The app has a score that is wonderful and is free. The app has a database of hotspots that are available worldwide. Having said all that, a few of the programs mentioned may be worth exploring. The program is extremely user friendly. Smartphone must be in the cradle for optimal signal boost. It ought to sit in the cradle for signal boost, so it may be a tight fit on broader smartphones with cases. Phones, in the event of desire, make better signal’s quality or can find more WiFi-networks, you merely will need to aid them.

You always have the choice to set the device in addition to it, if you own a router without an antenna or behind. The sole thing you will need to cover is to obtain your router. Your router may be the most underrated device in your home. For the best WiFi policy, a wireless router ought to be put in a central location within a house. You might not need to buy a router. The router doesn’t, you must do setup. For at-home setups, a fantastic router will generally be enough to run a network that is good.


Best iPhone Signal Booster Apps

Iphone signal booster can be found in app forms. However, before people can go further to find out the apps which can be the best option as the signal booster for iPhone, they have to understand the reason why their iPhone cannot get good cell reception. The first reason is that they are located far away from the signal source. Of course, the signal source which we are talking about is the cell tower. It can also be caused by other conditions such as the things which block the signal between the receiver and the tower. There is no need to worry because there are some iPhone apps which can be useful in this circumstance.


When people have a problem with their iPhone signal, they should consider performing the speed test to know the current signal of the iPhone. For this purpose, they can utilize the OpenSignal app. It is not the only support which people can get from this app. After testing the signal, this app will also search for other signals which are available in the areas. This way, there can be the strongest signal which is provided to the iPhone users. The cellular coverage can also be mapped using this app. This mapping function is really useful because can help the users know the best place or the worst place for the signals. It is also great for finding the Wi-Fi hotspots. This is the app which can be helpful for testing and improving the reception so faster data can be found. This app can be downloaded for free and more importantly, it is also free from ads.


The next iphone signal booster app which people can try is Coverage? offered by Two Steps Beyond. People can find that this app is really practical for helping them boost the iPhone signal. They will be able to find the maps with the regional level based on the data map from the major carriers. This app has the ability to overlaying the carrier that is used by the iPhone quickly. This way, this app will be able to make the personalized coverage map on the iPhone device. To be able to use this map, the iPhone should be supported with iOS 9.0 as a minimum requirement. It is not only compatible with the iPhone but also with the iPad and iPod touch.

Cell Phone Coverage Map

Last but not least, iPhone users can also try using the Cell Phone Coverage Map app. This app will be great for empowering the users for testing the performance of the network available in the area where they are situated. This map app is very handy because it is able to check the strength of the signal and other things such as the speeds for uploading or downloading. There will also comparison reported about the way their service offers compared to the competitors based on the reports of the users. It is easy to boost the signal reception and finding a good connection with this iphone signal booster app.


Signal Booster for T Mobile Voicemail Number

T mobile voicemail number might be necessary when people try to make the Wi-Fi calling using their T mobile device. This is an innovation which is offered for the T mobile users which can help them increase the experience of using this device further. However, people have to keep in mind that this experience cannot be enjoyed with proper Wi-Fi connectivity. Before people can go further, it is better to have a proper understanding of the Wi-Fi calling offered by T mobile.

Wi-Fi Calling

The Wi-Fi calling feature allows the users of T mobile device to make as well as receive calls over a wireless connection. They will also be able to text with the same method. Although people are using the Wi-Fi call, they will not realize any difference from the regular call using the cellular connection. They only need to connect the T mobile device to the available wireless network. However, they have to make sure that the Wi-Fi calling setup is enabled on the T mobile device. They can continue making the call or sending the text. There is no need to use a separate app to do this task. Different numbers or log-ins will not be necessary as well.


People might have a question about whether they can know the t mobile voicemail number. Well, it is better to make sure that they know the benefits which can be provided by the Wi-Fi calling. The users will be able to enjoy the integrated experience which is out of the box on their T mobile device. This experience can be found without any extra app needed. They still use their current phone numbers. It means that they do not need to do another log-in. As long as there is Wi-Fi connection, the users will be able to call or text virtually anyone located anywhere with the Wi-Fi connection as well. The coverage can be extended especially in the areas where there is no cellular network available. Because people are using Wi-Fi, there is no additional cost needed for receiving and making Wi-Fi calls back to the US from any place in the world. It is important to note that there is no additional charge needed for making the Wi-Fi call.

Setup and Wi-Fi Boosters

To use the Wi-Fi calling, people have to connect to the Wi-Fi network first. The most phones usually enable this feature out of the box. They can enable this setup by checking Settings. They can also adjust the preferred calling mode. People have to remember that this feature will be based on the Wi-Fi connection. It will be bad if they have bad wireless connectivity. They will not enjoy the calling and texting experience they are looking for. There are some circumstances which make them have to deal with the poor Wi-Fi connection. However, there is no need to worry because it can be fixed using the best Wi-Fi boosters. With the best unit, people can make sure that they will be able to experience the t mobile voicemail number.


Weboost reviews will help people to find the best option of signal booster which can meet their requirements. Signal boosters might be needed even when people have a sophisticated mobile device. There is no doubt that iPhone must be considered as one of the most sophisticated smartphones which people can find these days but there are some circumstances which make them have to deal with the poor signal even at their home. There is no need to worry because they can consider the product from one of the best signal booster brand, weBoost.

weBoost Home 4G

There must be a lot of aspects which people will consider when they are looking for the best signal booster. In this circumstance, considering the budget can be one important aspect because the brand will represent the reliability. It is true that weBoost can be the best brand which people can choose for the signal boosters. Nevertheless, people still need to choose the affordable product from this brand for their home signal booster. According to the weboost reviews, weBoost Home 4G can be the option which they are looking for. By installing this unit under the best conditions, they will be able to boost the signal which can cover one or two rooms. It is possible for them to get the coverage for the desktop but they have to make sure that the inside antenna is located only a few feet from the desktop. This is the perfect signal booster choice for people who are living in cabins or apartments.

weBoost Connect 4G-X

Next, people should also consider weBoost Connect 4G-X when they want to get the best signal booster option for home use. This unit is offered by Wilson Electronics with the most powerful performance. This must be a great reason why people should not think twice to get this unit to their home especially if they do not have any problem with the money. However, the usage will depend on the location of use. When people are living in the city, they will get a different performance compared to when they are living in the countryside. People who are living in the city can choose this signal booster unit if they want to get the coverage which is wider and more consistent. However, people who are living in the countryside can also use this unit especially if they are located far away from the cell tower.

weBoost Connect 4G

For people who are looking for the popular option, weBoost Connect 4G is the answer because it becomes the bestselling signal booster product for home use for several years. This unit is able to provide the coverage which is enough for the average size of the homes in the US. It is possible that people can get less coverage when using this unit if they are living in rural areas because of the poor quality signal. However, we can make sure that the homes, small buildings, and also small offices can get the most benefits from this unit according to the weboost reviews.


Cs go aim might be one reason why which makes people want to get the signal boosters or Wi-Fi signal range extenders. Playing an online game needs the strong and consistent signal for making sure that people are able to enjoy the best experience with the online game. There are many cases when people cannot get the best experience because of the unstable signal. There are various options of signal boosters which can be found out there but when they want to get the best support for playing online games, there are some factors to consider.


First of all, people have to make sure that they pay attention to their antennas. There are some signal boosters which come with the internal antennas because the company wants to make sure that unit comes in a slim appearance. However, they can consider the unit which comes with the external antennas because it is able to increase the range as well as the signal strength. This must be a perfect choice for online gaming supports.

Integrated QoS

People also have to make sure that the signal booster comes with the quality service. It must be very important for supporting the performance of online gaming. It is better to get the unit which comes with the integrated QoS because it is useful for reducing the stream. It means that the priority will be given to the video or gaming.

Large or Compact Size

When people are looking for the signal booster with the cs go aim, they also have to pay attention to the size of the unit. People will be offered with the compact size and the large size signal booster. They can choose the best option by considering the setup as well as the available space for placing the unit.


Next, people also have to think about the backhaul. The backhaul means the way the signal extender is connected back to the router. This is something which people must not ignore especially when they want to make sure that their online game playing will get the best support from the signal booster unit they choose.


People are able to find the signal extender or the signal booster which comes with the SSID. There might be a time when manual reconnection to more powerful signal will be needed when there is roaming between the extender and the router. With a single SSID, some units are able to make better integration onto the network so the roaming can be made smoother. It must be easier to enjoy the best experience with the game with this feature.

Placement Feedback

Last but not least, if people really want to get the best signal support for their online gaming experience, they also need to make sure that they make the best placement of the signal extender unit so it can provide the optimal performance. It is important to place it so it can get a decent signal not only to the router but also to the client. The feedback can be provided by some extenders which are offered with the cs go aim.


T Mobile is offering an interesting deal known as the T Mobile free phone. The idea of this great deal is giving the T mobile users a Samsung Galaxy On5 for free. Of course, you need to know the way to get this great opportunity. The requirements are explained below.

About T Mobile

Before explaining the interesting deal, you need to know that T Mobile is the place where you can find a variety of affordable phones. Moreover, they also have a great plan along with the advanced 4G LTE network. In fact, their 4G LTE network is trusted in America. The point is that T Mobile is trying to give the best wireless products, systems, and plans to the customers. One of the most interesting programs is the T Mobile free phone program. Just like the name of the program, T Mobile is giving a free phone to their customer. Now, T Mobile is giving the latest Samsung Galaxy series namely Samsung Galaxy On5 for free to the luckiest customers. Another interesting program offered by T Mobile is that you can take an unlimited plan. This plan allows you to get unlimited 4G LTE for a variety of usages including data, talk, and text in the most affordable price.

Enroll an LTE Data Plan

You have to follow the main requirement in which you have to enroll an LTE data plan. In specific, you have to take the 6GB or 10GB LTE data plan during a 24-month agreement. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new user or the users of T Mobile phone, you have a chance to get a brand new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Samsung Galaxy On5 for free.

Limited Deal

You have to fill the requirement right away. This is because the T Mobile free phone deal is a limited deal. There are only 12 Samsung Galaxy On5 phones offered to the luckiest T Mobile customers. Indeed, this is the best deal from T Mobile to their new customers because they also have some interesting deals to check. For example, you have a chance to enjoy their unlimited plan with iPhone XR for only $40/line. This is the same case if you are using Galaxy S9 and it means just need to pay $30 for the plan and $10 for the phone. Definitely, the T Mobile free phone is the most interesting one because this is the chance to get a free Samsung Galaxy On5. Then, you can use the T Mobile plan and feel the perfect performance from your gadget.

So, if you have a plan to find a new phone and the best plan, you can just take T Mobile as the primary option. Just imagine if you get the Samsung Galaxy On5 from the T Mobile free phone program. You can save your money and cancel your plan to buy a new phone. Plus, you can enjoy the great plan from this brand along with a variety of plans you can choose. It is really your lucky day, right?


Do you want to watch a movie from Showbox to Television? If it is so, you can take Showbox Chromecast method to do it. The way to do it is easy and what you have to do is following the steps below. Soon, you can enjoy your favorite movies from Showbox app to the television at home.

Install the Showbox and Chromecast

The first thing to do is install the Showbox and Chromecast apps in your Android, especially for the new users. Even, if you are the user of this application you still have to download the latest version. The latest version doesn’t require MX player anymore to play multimedia contents on a Television or large screen. You may download the app via APK file from web stores.

Uninstall the MX Player

Because you no longer need the MX player to play multimedia contents, you have to uninstall the MX player. The MX player is located within the existing apps.

Turn On the Installation

There is a case that you can’t use the installation. You don’t need to worry about that because you just need to turn on the installation. Just go to the security options and then find the unknown sources. Just change the option to turn on the installation so your Android doesn’t think that it is an unknown source.

Download and Install Allcast App

You can download the Allcast app from Google Play Store, Android market store, or iTunes. This app is a valuable application to send any contents such as pictures and videos from Android to Chromecast. This app also connects you to a variety of media devices including Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Sony, and Samsung Smart Television.

Select Your Favorite Movie

Now, launch your Showbox app and select the favorite movie you want to watch. After selecting the movie you want to watch, you can just open it via the Allcast app.

Let Allcast Works

By the time you open the movie via Allcast app, this application works to search the player. Because you want to watch the movie from Showbox to Chromecast, you have to choose Chromecast as the player. Then, the Chromecast app helps to connect the movie to the television or larger screen. Now, you are able to watch your favorite movie from Showbox Chromecast app to a large screen or television in the most comfortable way.

The most interesting way of using this method is that you can enjoy a variety of multimedia content from a variety of media devices on the television or large screen. You can enjoy it without any problem from the beginning to the end. The thing you need to do is learning how to use the Showbox Chromecast method step by step. Just do the steps above carefully so the result is just like what you are expected. After learning the steps and apply them, you will understand that streaming from Showbox to Chromecast is easy to do and even you can do it by yourself without any help from anyone. Try it and feel the sensation of watching a movie from Showbox to a television screen.


You can’t stream Kodi to Chromecast but it doesn’t mean that you can’t watch your favorite videos. You just need to learn how to stream Kodi to Chromecast below. As the result, you can watch your favorite video from your beloved Android.

Stream Without Turning Off the Android

You have to download the Google Home app from the Play Store first. Then, launch the app and find the menu button which is located in the top-left corner of the app. Find the cast screen or audio option and tap the blue one. The function of this step is to make the app find the compatible devices in your location. Now, choose the Chromcast you want to stream to and you can see the video from your television. Next, launch the Kodi app on your handset so you can see it on the television screen. It is an easy way to stream Kodi to Chromecast from your Android. The problem is that you are unable to turn off the phone while streaming. As the result, it reduces the battery life fast.

Stream With Turning Off the Android

The good news is that there is another way to stream Kodi to Chromecast from Android and it doesn’t reduce the battery life of your Android. You need to prepare three different applications before streaming Kodi to Chromecast. Those apps are the Local Cast for Chromecast, ES File Explorer, and PlayerFactoryCore.xml file. When you get those three apps, launch the ES file explorer first and find the menu icon in the top left corner. Choose the settings option and find the display settings option. Now, enable the show hidden files option. Next, find the .xml file and the location is on the download folder within the ES file explorer app. Because the purpose is to locate the file, just copy it and then paste the file into the Kodi’s user data directory. Press and hold for a few times on the file and choose the copy option. Continue the process by opening the Kodi user data folder. You can go to the Android > Data > xbmc.kid > file > .kodi > user data. Paste the file by choosing the paste button. That’s it! You are ready to stream Kodi to Chromecast from Android. This is a more complicated way to stream Kodi to Chromecast but at least you can turn off your Android while streaming so it saves the battery life a lot.

It is up to you whether you want to use the first method or the second method. The most important thing to consider is that you have to make sure that your Android in its best performance. This is because you need to turn on the Android during the streaming and you can’t stop it otherwise you also have to stop the streaming. On the other hand, you need to do the process step by step if you take the second method and it can’t be done if you don’t use a good Android. The point is that it is possible to stream Kodi to Chromecast from Android and it can be done easily and fast. Now, you can watch your favorite videos more comfortable than before.


Well, it is highly arguable that a long range wifi booster is an important device you need to have. The argument becomes more critical if the device is portable enough to allow you to carry when traveling. Well, when traveling, having a strong Wi-Fi signal is actually a privilege since it could be very rare. Well, let us check the list of the best boosters, shall we?

  1. Panda’s PAU07

The first one on this list would be the tiny device named Panda PAU07. The thing makes a perfect choice if you wish to own a Wi-Fi booster that is not too expensive yet works decently. Well, actually, Panda has released several devices over time and it is the latest one of its roster. Although its predecessor remains a formidable option, it has become too old and it needs to be replaced with the new one. The speed it offers is not too shabby at all since it can reach up to 300Mbps. By the way, the device supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

  1. HooToo’s Wireless Travel Router

The next one of this list is the interesting device which acts as a long range wifi booster named HooToo Wireless Travel Router. When it comes to its size, well, we are unable to say that this thing is compact (although it is a travel router) since it is relatively big if it is compared to most of its competitors. Fortunately, its big size is worth it since it allows the device to offer multiple features that surely will benefit you when on the way. For example, it can also work as a portable power bank, thanks to its battery which has a capacity of 10,400mAh. Also, it is more durable since it has several rubber flaps which protect it from any dirt or water that may harm its electronics. Unfortunately, though, since it lacks an antenna, the range it has is slightly lower than most of its competitors.

  1. ANEWKODI’s Wireless USB

Well, the previous option is pretty interesting since it has a lot of features and it is also very durable. However, it pales in comparison of network range, where ANEWKODI shines brightly. If you wish for a simple option to gain a way to increase a Wi-Fi range, then, there is no way that you would refuse this one since it has the only thing that you are hoping for! As a proof that the device means business, the manufacturer has decided to equip it with a 5-decibel antenna that you can use to reinforce every wireless network you want! Unfortunately, though, it is a bit large-albeit still smaller than HooToo’s.

  1. TP-Link’s AC1200

The last option we unveil here is the device produced by TP-Link. This one is one of the best boosters when it comes to boosting longer range networks. Unfortunately, it does not work well for shorter ranges. Aside from the fact that it runs on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, it also has a port to access the Fast Ethernet. Fortunately, this long range wifi booster comes with a warranty which lasts for two years!