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4 Devices with the Best Wifi Antenna to Buy in 2019

What is the best wifi antenna? Have you ever experienced the unstable Wi-Fi signal when your work is still ongoing? It must be really annoying. Although not all people may experience it, the trouble commonly happens in certain types of building. Besides, you probably need to go to a remote area in which the signal tends to be worse than in the city. One of the solutions is installing the Wi-Fi booster, indeed. The booster is in the form of an antenna to stabilize the signal as well as reach a larger area. So, what is the most recommended wifi booster antenna for home? Here is the list.

Comfast Extender Signal Booster

This device is better to use for a house with some floors and many rooms. It features an antenna with the transmit strength of 10 dbi and the internet speed is up to 300 Mbps. Comfast Extender Signal Booster is also equipped by a dual real tech chipset to extend the Wi-Fi signal. Interestingly, this feature is also really effective to stabilize the network and fasten the internet speed. There is another benefit of the device. It is very easy to install and operate. Only by pushing the WPS button, it automatically works.


The product has some main functions, they are to extend and improve the strength of Wi-Fi signal up to Mbps. You can install it for many necessities whether it is at home, office, and business like cafe and game online rentals. There are 2 ways to connect TP-LINK TL WA860RE to the router; wire and wireless. For the wireless connection, this antenna is equipped by the port Ethernet which is functioned as the wireless adaptor.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Range Extender Repeater Amplifier

This signal booster works really well even in an area with a very weak signal. You don’t even need to install a router or a new primary device to reach the Wi-Fi signal any larger. Besides, you can also use it in the apartment or insulated houses. The product from Xiaomi is more practical and affordable since you may not need to buy any other devices. However, the installation process is quite complicated. Make sure to download App Mi Home first to set up the device and to synchronize it with the primary router.

Wavlink AC 1200 Wi-Fi Wireless Router

Do you need a router and an antenna booster at once? This one is a good answer. The product from Wavlink is able to maximize the Wi-Fi network to the remote places. Despite the insulated house, it works very well also in the outdoor area. If you have a plan to open a business with Wi-Fi availability, this antenna is highly recommended. Interestingly, the steps to use it are also easy. The booster can be automatically connected to the primary router just after pushing the on/off button. There is an indicator lighting to show you if the signal is very weak or any other operational problem. The LAN port feature is provided to connect the device into the PC or TV.

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