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5 Products of Cell Phone Booster Best Buy

What is the cell phone booster best buy? In daily life nowadays, Smartphone and cell phone indeed cannot be separated from us. Yes, anything can just be done through Smartphone starting from chatting, calling, gaining information, entertainment, and more. Then, it becomes a big problem if suddenly, there is no signal around or the signal is really weak. Actually, you should not worry that much. There are many products of Smartphone booster that you can buy. Some of them are explained as follow.

KexTech Wireless-N Wi-Fi Repeater

For you who are looking for a simple and compact Smartphone signal booster, this one is recommended. It is really lightweight and compact with a small size. So, it will not spend the space too much. Although the design is tiny, you should not underestimate the ways it works. The device is able to reach every corner at home even if you are living in an insulated building. Meanwhile, it is also the best solution for the weak signal due to the heavy rain. The installation process is easy without specific setup.

Universal 300 Mbps Wireless Signal Booster

The product from Universal is compatible with many necessities starting from home, business, and office. There are some other functions of the device aside from strengthening the unstable internet signal. They are to extend the Wi-Fi range even when you are completely out from the Wifi access point area. The maximum speed produced is up to 300 Mbps with WLAN Network of 2.4 GHz. Although it is not as small as the product from KexTech, Universal Wireless Signal Booster is relatively light and compact. You can just bring it anywhere.

WR01 Mini Portable

This is another small and portable signal booster best buy for your Smartphone. For the connection, there is the wireless system only. Meanwhile, it is able to speed up your internet connection up to 300 Mbps. So, even if you are not in the access range of Wi-Fi, your Smartphone is still able to catch the signal. Interestingly, it is possible for you to some activities that require a strong signal in the remote area like video and TV streaming. To make it work, plug it into the electric socket. Automatically, the Wi-Fi signal works.

Huawei Wi-Fi Extender WS331C

The product is also really small, compact, and lightweight but with great performance. Similar to some products mentioned above, you can use it to strengthen the signal within the remote area and bad weather. Interestingly, this is compatible even for an office and business. To use it, plug the device into the electric socket. For the maximum signal, the placement must be near the location of the primary router.

TP Link TL WA850RE Universal Wireless Extender

Universal doesn’t only provide one simple product with great works but two or even more. Yes, TP Link TL WA850RE is another signal booster from Universal you should try. The booster is able to extend the range and improve the signal strength. There is an Ethernet port to turn the wire device into the wireless one. The speed available is up to 300 Mbps so that it is compatible with music and video streaming and game online.

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