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5 Products of the Best Long Range Wi-Fi Antenna

The best long range wifi antenna is one of the most important devices to have at home. Sure, it is also necessary for office and other places in which the high-speed internet connection is really needed there. With the antenna, you can experience many things in the internet world without any problem. Commonly, some troubles may haunt you including buffering and even the complete signal loss. However, it seems you must still choose the best products to buy. This way, you will not be disappointed later. So, what are the most recommended products? Here they are.

Netgear DGN 1000 Wireless Router

The first long-range Wi-Fi antenna suggested for you is from Netgear. If offers some easy ways for the high-speed internet connection. Meanwhile, the router is compatible with many types of DSL internet providers. The wireless-G feature enables you to connect it to the PC, game console, and iPod touch. You can block sites with unnecessary content with it particularly to protect the children. It also features NETGEAR Green that provides the power button and Wi-Fi on/ off.

TP Link TL WR840N

The unique and minimalist shape is a plus point of this antenna. Besides, the performance is also remarkable for its ability to provide the internet connectivity up to 300 Mbps. The product is indeed designed for the office and small to medium-scale business. But sure, you can also use it for home and apartment. TP Link TL WR840N guarantees your safety with the encryption of WPA2. Using this feature, you can protect your internet connection from the network from the outside. It is really easy to operate as you can only turn on or off your button. Then, the internet is automatically connected or disconnected.

D-Link DIR-612 Wireless Router

The product is a kind of wireless router with 10/100 Ethernet port. It connects your device with the broadband internet with a high speed of transfer. The speed offered is also up to 300 Mbps, really ideal for you who want to do some activities like browsing, streaming, online gaming, and more. For the protection, you should not worry. The product is equipped by NAT Firewall, effective to prevent the exploitation or infiltration toward your internet connection. Meanwhile, it features the repeater mode that enables you to extend the network. The internet connection tends to be more qualified, anyway.

Asus RT-N14UHP High Power

It is claimed that the product from Asus is able to provide internet connection 3 times stronger than the other conventional routers. Even the 300 Mbps speed has been available in the standard condition. Sure, if you optimize its performance, the speed can be much higher than that. The product also provides some other features. One of them is the multifunctional USB to divide the network to some other devices including hard drive and printer.

Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC4000

AC4000 features the multi-users MIMO to provide the simultaneous streaming access to some devices at once with an extremely high speed. The product is also equipped by the DUAL CORE 1.8 GHz processor to treat the intensive data app for better internet experience. You should not worry about the buffer that may disturb you while streaming.

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