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How to Choose 4g Signal Booster

4g signal booster might be considered because of various reasons. Some people just want to optimize the use of the 4G signal on their cellphone. However, there are some conditions which make them unable to get enough 4G signal in there are so they want to boost it. There are several options of booster for a 4G signal which can be found out there but finding the best one will need some considerations.

Downlink and Uplink Power

It is very important to make sure that people pay proper attention to the downlink and uplink power when they are looking for the best signal booster. The uplink signal will determine the clearness of the voice which goes to the other party while the downlink signal will determine the clearness of the other party’s voice.

Decibels Gain

The next thing which must be considered when choosing the signal booster is the decibel gain. People can understand more about the decibel gain from the signal bars which can be found from two SIMs from different carriers. The difference bars which can be found with the similar signal strength can be affected by the decibel gains of each.

The strength of Outside Signal

To choose the best 4g signal booster, people also have to consider the outside signal length. For this purpose, people should understand the signal strength which can be found around their area first before they make any decision buying the booster. To know the signal strength, they can use the signal meter. They can also make the test with the help from the installer.

Antenna Type

People cannot get the best booster without noticing the antenna type which is used by the kit. There are various kinds of exterior antennas which can be the right choice for different conditions. There are more options of antenna type which can be chosen by people who are living in an urban area with a great exterior signal. In this circumstance, the best choice will be an omnidirectional antenna which can take up the signal which is as strong as possible from any direction. Meanwhile, the Yagi directional antenna can be chosen if people want to get the booster for their support in the rural location.

Cable Length

It is also important to put the cable length in the consideration when choosing the signal booster. The longer cable which is used means that the signal strength will be decreased. It is the cable which connects the exterior antenna to the signal booster. For the best support, it is better for people to choose the signal booster which comes with the shortest cable as possible. This problem will not be found from the interior cable which connects the internal antenna and the booster.

Number of Users

Next, people also need to pay attention to the number of users which can be supported by the signal booster. There is no doubt that they have to consider the users which will take the benefits of the signal booster to make sure that they can get the very best 4g signal booster unit.

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