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Samsung Signal Booster Extender SCS-2U01 Verizon Wireless Review

Samsung signal booster, what is it? Just like the name, it refers to the products of signal booster produced by Samsung. Yes, you may have experienced some following problems. They are regarding the signal that is suddenly down or weaker, going to the remote area without signal at all and more. In such conditions, the booster is necessary to use so that you can find a good internet connection on any of your devices. In this page, you will particularly learn more about Samsung Network Extender SCS-2U01 Verizon Wireless SC2U01 Signal Booster. Check it out.


The design is simple although there are probably many other similar products that are smaller and slimmer than this one. Yes, the product dimensions are 8.2 x 1.6 5.8 inches, not looking so small indeed but quite compact. Interestingly, it is surprisingly light with only a pound or around 1.75 pounds with the package. So, you should not worry that it may burden you a lot when carrying it anywhere.

Slightly, you may see the product is similar to a radio. The color available is black that makes it look simpler. There is a short antenna on the right part, you may not even realize that it is the antenna. Besides, there are some indicator lights on the left part for GPS and many more. The brand logo is on the upper part. For you who don’t like any device with complicated detail, this one is definitely the right answer.


So, what can you do with this device? Although the functions seem too common, the device works really well in term of boosting the signal. The product is able to speed up the signal up to 300 Mbps, making it really good for any necessity; home, office, business, and more. On the other hand, are you one of those people who is visiting remote areas often? So, the product from Samsung is really the best choice for you. The Verizon Wireless SC2U01 series is good even if the area is completely not reached by the signal. Of course, for the best performance, it means you need to prepare your own router.

This signal booster is easy as well in term of installation and utilization. To activate or operate the device, you only need to turn it on by pushing the button available. There are some lighting indicators available to let you know if the signal is strong or weak. Even the operational problems can also be seen through the indicator. There is no need for further diagnosis. After that, you can fix it by yourself by reading the guide book available.

Maybe, something which is disturbing regarding this product is the wire. It is quite big but not too long so that you may find it quite difficult to connect it to the other devices. Fortunately, the booster is equipped also by the wireless connection system. So, if you just don’t want to deal with the cable, a wireless connection is definitely the best choice.

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