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Top 5 Products the Best for Outdoor Wifi Booster

Outdoor Wifi booster, in this internet era, this device must be something familiar to hear. Basically, it is a product functioned to strengthen and stabilize the Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes, the signal produced by the router is not enough to give you a good internet connection. Particularly in certain areas like insulated houses and outdoor places, the booster is necessary to use. Many brands have produced the products for sure. So, what are the best products of outdoor Wi-Fi booster recommended? Here they are.

Universal 300 Mbps Wireless Signal Booster

The product is not especially for the outdoor area indeed. Even the production is actually for offices and insulated building more. However, the booster from Universal is really effective to use in the outdoor areas even in those places with weak signals. It helps you a lot to stabilize the internal signal as well as extend the range of the Wi-Fi network. It is really recommended for you who spend most of your time in both indoor and outdoor areas. In other words, Universal 300 Mbps Wireless Signal Booster is really multifunctional.

Mercurys MW305R

This device has 3 antennas that all of them are good at strengthening the signal as well as improving the acceptance sensitivity. Meanwhile, there are only qualified components inside including Chipset Mediatek which is ideal for streaming and online gaming in laptop or Smartphone without lag. The design is simple so that you can just carry it anywhere including when you need to use it outdoor. In the package, there is a CD to ease you while doing the installation.

D-Link DAP 1520

The long-distance Wi-Fi booster is basically produced for office and business necessities. That’s why; it is really compatible to be used in outdoor areas. More than that, the design and size are really compact, simple, and lightweight. The booster fits many types of router and software. So, whatever the router you have had now, you don’t need to replace it with the new one. D-Link DAP 1520 is equipped with an easy-push button feature for easy setup. In term of safety and protection, the wireless encryption WPA2/ WPA is available.

Linksys RE1000

With a high speed up to 300 Mbps, Linksys RE1000 is able to accept the wifi signal that supports the 4G network in Android and iOS devices. Some other great features are available here. One of them is Qos Traffic Management to reduce buffering and prioritize activities that need high bandwidth. It is very good to be used in outdoor and remote areas. Moreover, the simple and compact design makes it able to be placed anywhere.

Totolink EX200

Totolink EX200 is one of the multifunctional Wi-Fi boosters to be used anywhere. Sure, it can just simply extend the Wi-Fi network at home and some areas around. So, it is not a big deal to connect to the internet when you are in the front or backyard. When you need to use it outdoor, the device is very compatible also. In term of compatibility, the booster is able to connect the internet to all your digital devices including PC with the newest OS.

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