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Types of Wi-Fi Antenna

wifi antenna will be necessary for the wireless system. We can make sure that in the modern worlds, the wireless system will be like a soul of the communication and information. People have to make sure that they get the best wireless system and it means that they have to look for the Wi-Fi antenna which can be suitable the most. In this circumstance, they need to know some types of the antenna which can be considered.


From various types of the antenna which can be found for the wireless system, the basic one must be the omnidirectional antenna. It can be used for point to multipoint. It can also be used for the cat. It is the type of antenna which can be used as the main antenna which will distribute the signal to other devices or computers. Although people can use two omnidirectional antennas for the point to point system, it will not be the best choice after all. This antenna type will consist of the mobile vertical antennas, small desktops, rubber ducks, ceiling domes, and vertical omnis.


If people want to find the antenna for the point to point system, they can consider the directional antenna. Sometimes, it can also be used for the multipoint system. Nevertheless, the use of this antenna will depend on the setup of the wireless system. For people who are moving from one to another location, this must be a perfect choice for them. It will include the dish type of antenna, Yagi, and backfire.


The next wifi antenna type is the Yagi antenna. Its name was taken from one designer of this antenna type, Hidetsugu Yagi. Because was also designed by Shintaro Uda, this type of antenna is also called Yagi-Uda antenna. Although it was originally made for radio, people can find that now it is also used for the 802.11 system. It is a very directional type of antenna so it will be used often for the point to point wireless system. It can also be used for extending the point to multi-point system range. With the great signal strength, this antenna can be used for communication for miles in the right circumstances.


The backfire antenna is a type of directional antenna with small size but it comes with a great gain. The look of this antenna is similar to the dish antenna but it is lower in height. It will be a great choice for point to point system or point to multipoint one.

Dish or Parabolic

Last but not least, if people want to get the real power, they can use the parabolic dish antenna. It comes with the tremendous gain but at the same time, it will be a bit hard to point and communicate with this antenna. This type of antenna is used often as the support for point to point for the systems with the long haul. For people who want to send the signal with a very long distance, they should use this type of wifi antenna.

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